I wish to thank Chris Black who has nominated me for The One Lovely Blog Award and the The Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

Very Inspiring Blogger Award One Lovely Blog Award
In accordance with the rules I list 7 items of Mike-trivia:

I shook hands with JFK five months his death (I was 8)
I quit smoking cold-turkey after 35 years of puffing stupidly
I did my entire primary schooling through the Irish language, Gaelige
I once won and lost $250 in five minutes at Blackjack in Caesars Palace
Our State Governor once invited me to afternoon tea
My favourite city is Paris
When occasion demands I can tie my own bow-ties (and shoelaces)

It is also my honour to forward my own selection of bloggers that I believe deserving of these awards and take great pleasure in nominating the following:

  1. InJoyce!
  2. An Uncommon Collection
  3. Coffee and Cardigans
  4. Kenyatta Jean-Paul García
  5. Sara & the 8 Million Strangers
  6. kirstiwirsti
  7. Immature Fruit
  8. Slamfest: A plethora of poetic musings
  9. Reading, writing, no ‘rithmatic
  10. Armeniafesto

15 thoughts on “Awards

  1. Shutting down shortly for the weekend Mike – La le Padraig – Pionta guinness, le do thoil, beannactai na feile Padraig oraibh. Enjoy and raise a glass to the awards.

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