Poet’s Block


When Terza Rima came to town that day,
The people gathering round to hear its words
Were stunned to find that it had nought to say.

It startled them that this could have occurred,
The last TR that came their way in June
Bespoke at length of prophesies unheard.

“Enunciate”, they cried, “announce, impart,
Give forth your words as treasured souvenirs,
Tell tale of lady fair or fierce autarch.

A soft breeze carried silence to their ears,
They waited bated hoping for the rush
Of noun and verb or cherished adverb dear.

Alas there was to be no message lush
No tale of woe or divine comedy
They turned away and left behind just hush.

A wild west wind blew Terza Rima by,
A blank page seeking stray shy syllabi.

22 thoughts on “Poet’s Block

  1. How do I follow that Mike?
    I am nominating you for The One Lovely Blog Award/The very Inspiring Blogger Award.
    Here are the rules.
    (1) Thank the person who nominated you.
    (2) Add The one Lovely Blog Award/The very Inspiring Blogger Award to your post.
    (3) Share 7 things about yourself.
    (4) Pass the award on to 10 nominees.
    (5) Include this set of rules.
    (6) Inform your nominees by posting a comment on their blogs.


      • Blind leading the blind so Mike, I was nominated also and have no idea as yet how to add them to my blog page, I would not be that up to speed on the techie side of things – If you can find Eric Alagan on my page he gave me information on how to recover awards but so far I have not gotten around to checking it out, if you can find the information feel free to benefit by it. Just recording a piece to put up on Soundcloud, look nforward to hearing you adding your voice to this medium, God loves a trier!!

  2. This is a wonderful use of the Terza Rima form. I especially liked how your couplet at the end of the poem brilliantly uses a visual rhyme. I feel that eye rhymes keep a strict rhyme scheme from becoming contrived. A well written poem indeed.

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