Long waders, stout tweeds,
Rod, reel, net, and wicker bag
Hat with hooks, flies, badges;
A picture of proficiency personified –
Until he moved.

Tweed arm flailed akimbo;
Fly sought out uncharted destination
Dropping to the water with a splurt
And annoying aqueous amity
With roiling, rolling ripples.

Undeterred he brought it back
As shockwaves fought the silence still.
Unperturbed by picean panic
He smiling, went to cast again
(Thus defining Einstein’s Fool.)

Imagination vivified
I glimpsed a fabricated scheme
My will reached out to that slack line
And fantasy conceived a scene, thus:

Sensing rod, I guided, hovered
Baiting shadows, glints and colour
‘Til mouth snapped moth – I danced it in.

Unknowing he then rambled off
A man with prize and pride intact.

Whaddya think?

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