Fugitive Fragments

by Mike McGuire

Facebook Status

Morning by Patrick William Adam. WikiCommons

Morning by Patrick William Adam. WikiCommons

A Sunday morning; the cold winter sun footprinting the carpet; wearing warm wool; the tea green and the fruit peeled; John Updike’s latest exceeding expectations; playlist pumps Tal Wilkenfeld, tactile and mellow on her Sadowsky strings; my five senses dovetail. Brain sends a wave when a particular soundbite agrees with the flash of sunlight on a crystal vase – synchronicity or synchrony? Whateva. It’s a sunny Sunday in winter and I’ll take what I have.

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26 thoughts on “Facebook Status

  1. Some of the greatest poetry is found in prose. This reads remarkably calm and inviting. Time to google Tal Wilkenfield!

    • Thanks Brent, I’ve only started to experiment with the form and you lend great encouragement with this comment. Tal’s really in the groove – see youtube.

  2. your words fill the photo
    with a quiet comfort….
    sounds like a perfect Sunday morning to me….
    Take Care…

  3. This is a wonderful morning ear-to-ear grin kind of thing!

  4. Where is this house? Can I enter? Sounds exquisite. So well done.

    • More a space than a place Chrissy and you can get there just by closing your eyes. I’m newly experimenting with the prose style so thank you for your encouraging words.

  5. Love this. This scene sounds like total bliss.

  6. Inspired, intelligent and classy-subtle. I felt that way seeing the scene the way you described it. :-) Thanks for the “compliment”.

  7. A fine fragment of an enlightened existence. Good eyes brother

  8. Australia! Of course… Nowadays we meet all seasons & worlds at once. Love it! What’s your weather like now, any snow & ice?

  9. like this expression, ‘cold winter sun footprinting the carpet..’a picture of domestic bliss..and the photo is beautiful

    • Thank you and bliss it was – hence my urge to pen it. Adams was a Brit (d.1930) whose art I particularly enjoy – you’ll find his works online.

  10. I love the idea of the senses dovetailing, and how this is reinforced with the soundbite and sunlight…(makes me a little homesick for my NZ Sundays).

  11. I approve your message, mission and very existence. Welcome to the crazy (bipolar) Latina express. I hail from Los Angeles California and yes I am real.

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